Monday, May 30, 2011


I feel so safe when i am with him. So secure with him. and i am in love with him. I wish i had found you first instead of all these other pricks, but i guess its fine now because im all yours and your all mine. We have the most funniest times together we laugh at the similar same thing, we adore animals. we have different thinking towards the world but thats what make you so different and i like different.  i never want to lose you, you are someone so special to me and my family. and it makes me happy that you mom and dad get along so well. And same with your family we all get on so well. i feel completely comfortable around them. We even brought a kitten because i wanted one so bad. I honestly don't no why all your other girlfriends treated you like shit, but all i can say to them is you missed out on something, someone so completely amazing and you will never ever find some one like him in your entire life.

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