Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two faced

Right a few things i want to set straight with you! Next time if you have a problem of my eating habits don't go bitch to people about out it, and don't call me fat, that's is not nice when your so called best friend says that about you. well hey not anymore haha. And jono is not dumb thanks he was being kind and not making us push the car so next time think about that he does know about cars ffs. And don't go saying shit when you don't no any thing of it. Yes me and jono fight but not yelling don't go telling everyone that we fight every time and shit. Can't believe you would say this shit about me behind my back! So what people say about you and do call you two faced i didn't believe it because i wanted to stick up for you. But for you to go bitch behind my back to one of our mate. Well in all honestly i don't want to hear from you again. You've gone way to far on this one!

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