Monday, April 11, 2011

I don't like people writing blogs about me, but i read what you wrote about me. And fuck I'm doing it again. I hate the fact that I'm putting you second best when you should be my first best. You texted me yesterday " can i have my best friend back" i was on my break and i turned away from my phone in tears. At that moment  i have come to my senses and I'm not going to make plans with you form now on, ill wait for you to come up with something that you would like to do and my response will be ill be over soon or ill see in you in five. Because from now on, I'm really going to make time for you " my best friend! "  I honestly do not know how i can be so rude to someone who cares for me so much, but yet i can sit here and treat you like shit, i don't know why but I'm super super sorry. i know i've made promises and never kept them. How crap is that. But I've decided to not make promises until i can trust myself with what i say ill do. all I'm asking and if you can do this one more time, don't give up on me.

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