Monday, April 11, 2011

Jonathon Robert Humpreys.

Eleven months have rolled by like leaves in the wind peacful wonderful and free. And they have be the best evelen months of my life. When you first talked to me ha wow you were funny every text was was sweet and you like understood me even though you have never ever seen me or heard my voice, but you seemed to know what to say. you asked if you could hear my voice i said yes well hell i was so nervous * phone rings* Im sitting there thinking omg what do i say but as soon as i answered the phone things went like there was no tomorrow. That night i asked my mom if i could have a mate stay for dinner she said it was fine. That day we wagged school, you said you were five minutes away form mine then you knocked just like that. That knock was the most intense knock my heart was beating hundred times then it should of been. but i got up and let him in. wow i don't think i ve seen such a different looking guy before but that kind of different were you just melt. Long eyelashes blue and green eyes brown hair and very tall. He just simply said hi were is your bedroom and i pointed were to go and of in a flash he was on my bed just waiting i jumped on him thinking to my self honestly who does that jump on someone they have just met . But we got talking and it seemed we just got on like peas in a pod it was wonderful  then he asked me and he said faith i said yeah well i well hold on  well would you like to go out with me i just looked at him and nodded my head very fast with the biggest  smile on my face.When he got home he texted me non stop and rang me it was amazing. We have been together for eleven months and i dont think ive been happyier he makes me so amazing insde to be around with him.Jonathon Robert humpreys you are incrediable amazing lovely. i love you and there is nothing that can change that ever.

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