Thursday, March 24, 2011

The bag.

It was in a tiny little bag that looks to be like tea. It was all chopped up and alomst kinda pathetic and green and had a funny kronic smell to it. You had already done two of them ha you funny lookiong thing. It looked like you couldnt care a less what was happing in the world almost like you were in your own little world with wonder and amaze. It was an almost beautiful thing as are you. The whisper I asked you.... the first time and last ive done it. Im glad it was with you. I felt safe and secure with you, it was funny and everything in the world that you had been expericening while just taken the in that bag the tiny bag had so much amaze in it. and made everything amazing and everyone looked so beautiful and fun to be around and there was not one worry in the world. It was a new demention to be in.Thank you for the new world.

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