Monday, March 21, 2011

You there

You are always there to catch me when I'm falling, when ever I'm in trouble or when I'm alone. You are there for me no matter what and i love how you care for me so much as i care for you too. Your one amazing guy, your funny and easy to talk to and no matter what I have to say you are always listening with good intentions. Honestly i haven't come across someone so great in my 17 years of living. Being in your presence just makes life so much better and easier. How could i have you in my life and i could still fuck things up with you about almost every time i tell you shit that you don't need to hear. I'm so sorry that this seems to happen but i guess still recovering from my other bad relationship but i don't no but all i can can is sorry! but i PROMISE! to never ever do it again Your always going to be my prince and shinning armer :) to always catch me when i fall. I love you.

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