Monday, March 7, 2011

So What.

So what if you’re younger than me, so what people say, fuck them is all I say. You’re amazing you are. you make me feel that I can trust you so that’s a biggie for me, to trust you, yes I have been out a bad relationship and I take it out on you in how i sometimes don't trust you and that you wont cheat on me, but you promised me something and you kept to it. You’re one in a million and I have you and im never ever letting you go, your my angel you really are, yes we have little tiny arguments about something we think completely different about but after five minutes were tackling each other over and tackling until one of us peaces it, but there's you have to get the last tackling or punch in don't yah. But that’s what I love about you. We do lots of things together go for walks, drives, picnics, talk about anything to each other even if it is the most embarrassing thing, but were there for one another, I don't no what id do with out you, your making my life so much easier for me baby, so what lets take this life together your amazing I love you!

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  1. The time we have been apart as a couple have been the worst time of my life, i have to sleep in another room because im so used to you being here, why did you have to leave me, i know its only been so short of time but it hurts so bad i just want you back, if you did you would never ever have to think if you want me as ill be the best you've ever seen you just wait until you take me back then you'll see, there is no one else in this world for me but you this is the worst thing for me, we did things with each other, things we have never done before, if you come back to me i want to make you life heaven and happier than when you first met me, i will make sure you get time with your friends yes i will but all you need to know is we are both stronger if we are together, oh if you'll only see