Thursday, March 3, 2011

Im so proud of you.

For when i was growing up, and you were working and come to think of it, it wasn't the best job ever but you choose to do it so you would be home when i got home from school and spend more time together, when i was sick you would always take me with you. And i watched you clean up stairs down stairs it looks so boring and i was thinking to my self you have so much more potential than cleaning house for a living. Then your back seemed to get worse every time you cleaned and it hurt me to see you hurt, it didn't seem fair on you and it took almost forever to get it fixed and still to this day its still not right. Then one day you were getting your hair cut from Susan and she was telling you about this place in Bethlehem that this jewelry shop, so mom went in for an interview and she looked at mom up and down and said yes you got the job. Now i look at mom and she is so much more happier and when i go to her work and wait outside the back were they make the jewelry i look at her and I'm so proud of her of what she has done for her boss and that she is so happy of her new job, mom your my hero my inspiration your the worlds best mommy. I love you!

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