Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your amazing.

From the day we first meet i asked to hang out with you, and you looked at me and had a sorta funny look on your face and you said sure thing. okay i have to admit it was very awkward at the start then we got talking and we had a lot of things in common, the same interests on guys same hair dues and everything. You ask me one day while at school if i would like to come stay at yours it was a Friday. When i first got to your house and i looked around in shock to see how bloody big the place was it was amazing then you said your room is down stairs and that was big too it was great. We were laying on your bed and there was a fly on your roof and i closed one eye and pretended to ping it off your roof and you just laugh for so long and hard it was really fun then we decided to take pictures oh my god how we looked like dicks back in the days, then we edit them, then you decide to make them into playboy magazines so much fun we had! Everyone said we looked like twins with the same type of hair we had and we just got on so well.
i miss those days when we were so young and knew nothing of the other world out there that we are now doing today. If i had to choose my best memory it would have to be that, the first time i stayed at your place. your amazing  Hollie Oneill.

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