Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things change

The way you used to clinch up your face when i tickled you, When you called me angel, when your mom and dad called me angel, the way they always had wide open arms hugging and loving family you had i loved everything about them, they were always so amazing. When we first met you were so funny and i fell in love with you straight away, Then you mailed me on bebo after i saw in at the plaza, saying hey you, then we got talking and talking and we could just forever it was amazing, then you said let me ring you, i was so nervous and i didn't no what i would say or if i would sound like a dick, we talked for two hours straight about everything and anything, movies and what we liked what our favorite colors were. I miss spending time with you miss watching you play football and almost about every-time start a fight. Yes we had so many problems but we always used to sort it out even thou i still knew you were doing the wrong every-time, every-time i caught you out you always seemed to have it figured out and know what to say and i would forget about it but in my gut i knew something was up but i decided to only try see the good. For the first  six months we were going out were the best time of my life your were incredible. all I'm saying is i miss you so much every time i saw you i wanted to be with you and go home with you and spend time with you like i did every time we were together. But all thats now changed hasn't it, your doing drugs drinking more than you should be when you know its so bad for you it scares me to think were you are now, but i hope you know that I'm always thinking of you and wondering what your doing. i miss you.

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