Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simple as that

Going threw peoples blogs reading them, about love about hate about lieing about almost everyting. Then I came across yours... You said you would alwasy defend your friends no matter what becasue thats who you were like to defend your friends. Now that I think of it I wish you were all mates again. I no you enjoyed being around them and how they all came over and all we guys did was play cod I could see that you were so happy with them all. It was fun I must admit they were all a great bunch of lads. I think you should really consider about talking to them again. You once said to me that he was the only one who knew what you were always talking about if you had problems with me or anything else he was there to help you out. You too were my favourite site to see, when you guys hung out just to see you happy and mucking around like boys do. It kills me that you are no longer mates over something so stupid "a girl" really you should of think about it more on what you have lost. You can always have girlfriends or whatever but you can only have one good set of mates and I think you have lost the best set of mates you could of even imagined  for. They were all so funny and amazing to hang with. It's simple they made you happy and you lost them. The only person I can blame in this time is me. It was stupid for you to choose the "girl"over them I don't get it and I think you guys should be all together again. It's just as simple as that.

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